“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” – Plato



Since Keys to Expression Piano Studio was established in the Woodstock Neighborhood in 2001, Amie has instilled a life long love of music with a variety of students across the Portland metro area. She loves teaching piano to students, whether beginners young or older as well as college level or advanced.


Her thoughtful piano instruction is student centered with a priority on the process of learning and long term gains.  She uses high standards but with patience and appreciation for each individual.  Lessons include developing skills in sight reading, rhythm reading, ear training, theory, technique, interpretation and performance practice.  She encourages students to learn various genres of music, heavily informed by student preferences.


Varied piano performance opportunities are offered throughout the year, including small informal studio classes, traditional recitals at southeast Portland’s Community Music Center, and outreach performances in retirement homes across the metro area.   Students can also participate in Oregon Music Teacher’s Association’s Piano Syllabus program as well as their Period Festivals.  Details for syllabus and period festivals are available on the OMTA website.

Amie is an excellent teacher. When I began as an adult piano student, Amie worked carefully with me to learn the basics. At each stage of my learning, she has supported me through challenges and helped me to improve my skills. She always has a positive attitude and a smile, and she always thanks me for sharing my music with her. What a wonderful way to learn to play! – Martha Decherd, retired librarian and Garden Home resident

an excellent teacher

Amie Belisle taught my daughter Jaiden piano since she was seven years old until she graduated from high school. She grew so much as a musician but her appreciation for music could only have been nurtured by a mentor like she had. Amie is a wonderful and patient teacher who can communicate the joy of music through her teachings. – Blake Sakamoto, Musician and Music Producer

the joy of music