Policies & Rates

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30 minute piano lesson:  $38.00 $152/month
45 minute piano lesson:  $50.00  $200/month
60 minute piano lesson:  $65.00  $260/month

Thirty-minute weekly piano lessons are best suited to young beginners. All other students usually need weekly piano lessons of 45-60 minutes.


5% discount offered to family members with more than one member enrolled in lessons.
10% discount offered to senior citizens age 65 and older.


$175 per jury or adjudication which includes two 45 minute rehearsals
$38 per 30 minute rehearsal


Payments are due at the first piano lesson of each month. A late fee will be assessed for nonpayment after the 10th of the month or a week after the first lesson.  Email invoices are sent upon request or when additional items such as books need to be purchased.

TYPES of PAYMENT:  Checks can be made out to Keys to Expression or Amie Belisle. Cash, Bill Payment, Onpoint Member to Member, Venmo, Zelle, or Square Cash.

PRO-RATED TUITION:  Monthly pro-rated tuition is required for school-aged children during school term months September through June.  The total number of piano lessons and performances is added up and divided by the 10 months to create 10 equal payments, with some months providing more than four lessons and classes and others less.

RESCHEDULES/CANCELLATIONS:  24 hours notice is required to reschedule a piano lesson, otherwise the lesson is forfeited with payment required.  Ample notice of rescheduling will provide more flexibility in options. During school term lessons, missed lessons need to be rescheduled during the week missed otherwise they are forfeited with full tuition required.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY/ILLNESS: Piano lessons will remain on schedule. If students aren’t able to safely travel or attend the lesson, lessons will be offered using a video call otherwise the lesson is forfeited with payment required. Video lessons can be through Zoom, Google Hangouts or FaceTime. These online lessons can be effective alternatives when students aren’t able to be present in the studio.

In the event of inclement weather lesson times can often be adjusted on the scheduled lesson day to make travel easier.

TERMINATION OF LESSONS:  30 days notice is required to end piano
lessons; payment is required through the 30-day period.