10 Keys to Expression


Estabilish a routine.  It’s September and we’re all trying to fall into a new rhythm.  Last month every week and day was different filled with summer activities that took advantage of our dry warm weather.  Most kids are in their third or fourth week of school now, struggling to balance their homework, sports schedules, piano practice, downtime, etc.    The most important words of wisdom I can offer to piano students and their parents is this:  establish a routine for when piano practice happens each day.

Whether a pianist wants to progress slowly or quickly, sitting down at the piano regularly is number one when it comes to successfully mastering a piece of music.  Piano practice not only requires complex processing in the brain, but coordination in the body that demands repetition.  If this process isn’t repeated regularly on a piece of music, the progress made one day is lost over the days to follow.  Talk about discouraging!  Gaining new skills for anything requires regular practice.  Although our busy lives continue to search for an alternative, there isn’t a way around this basic principle.

The piano students that I see struggle the most on a regular basis are the students that haven’t been able to find that regular golden time for piano practice.  And this is the time to do it as routines are falling into place.  So don’t let September get by without finding that special space within each day to play the music that you can’t wait to play with more ease and expression.  This is why you have signed up for lessons  – take the first step and go grab that calendar before the next day gets away from you!



Practicing without judgement…coming in October…

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